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Definition of Bulgarian

It is a type of grain and it is prepared by boiling, drying and then grinding it to different sizes and this makes it a fast-preparing cereal, which is a staple food in the Middle East and the Arab world and is used as an ingredient in many famous foods such as tabbouleh and kibbeh and is rich in carbohydrates, fiber and protein and is considered a staple food for vegetarians who follow a diet Nutritional it is very beneficial for that. Bulgur is made from hard wheat and we can find it in any store.

  • Nutritional value of bulgur
  • Calories 151 kcal.
  • Fat 0.4 g.
  • Sodium 9 mg.
  • Albu Ta Siom 123.76 mg.
  • Fiber 8.2 g.
  • Protein 5.6 g.
  • Calcium 2% of the RDA.
  • Iron 10% of the RDA.
  • It also contains manganese and phosphorous.

Types of Bulgur and its Uses:

There are three types of bulgur, and each type has a use

Smooth bulgur: that comes in various and varied foods, including the famous kibbeh dish, which is a mixture of meat and bulgur.

Medium Bulgur: which is used in the production of cereals, various salads, and a tabbouleh dish that consists of a mixture of bulgur and some types of vegetables such as parsley lettuce and onions.

Coarse Bulgur: It is a substitute for rice and is used in making a pilaf dish with bulgur and a famous chickenpipe dish, consisting of lentils and bulgur.

What are the benefits of bulgur:


Keep your heart healthy:

Bulgur is considered one of the pills that keeps the heart healthy. Studies have found that people who consumed a large amount of pills compared to what they eat in general are carbohydrates, as they have proven 47% less likely to develop heart disease.

Helps download weight:

Bulgur is rich in dietary fiber and a source of protein because it greatly helps in fullness of the stomach, increases the feeling of satiety, reduces the amount of calories entering the body and contributes to weight loss if it contains a diet.

Reduces the risk of stroke:

Bulgur grains contain vitamin K, antioxidants, and eating whole grains is one of the dietary recommendations that helps reduce the risk of stroke.

Cancer Prevention:

Studies have shown that grains have a strong effect against cancer, as it protects against colon and rectal cancer in particular, and it is more prevalent among men and women, and because bulgur contains effective substances in preventing cancer, especially cancer, breasts and its containment of committees, which is a strong antioxidant that helps to counteract Roots and protect cells from damage.

Helps reduce the risk of premature death:

Eating one serving of whole grains daily will help reduce the risk of premature death by 5%.

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