Here’s how to make Mandi, the most delicious and popular dish

Mandi dish with chicken is one of the best foods that exist on the Arab tables, in which the Saudi table is especially popular, and after that comes the country of the Levant. Mandi dish is characterized by grilling chicken on charcoal and its ripeness, and it is desirable for many. And the flavor of the distinctive taste of rice prepared on charcoal is very unforgettable and delicious.

How to prepare chicken soggy


A kilo of rice, O Mal Al-Sham.
Two chicken cut into halves.
Saffron spoon.
A quarter cup of cold water.
Three onions, finely chopped.
Five corridors of laurel.
Cinnamon stick.
Ten grains of cardamom, cloves and black pepper
Salt, to taste.
A tablespoon of spices.
Teaspoon curry.
Green pepper horn.
A small piece of charcoal.
A cup of raisins.
Fried nuts, almonds, pine nuts, cashew decorations.

How to prepare

We wash the rice well and soak it in warm water for twenty minutes. We bring a deep bowl and pour the rose water and add saffron and put onions with a little vegetable oil over medium heat, and stir them until the onion becomes brownish-golden color, and we put the chicken pieces on the onions and turn the pieces well to change Color the chicken to white. Add the spices including cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, green pepper, mixed spice and curry on pieces on the chicken and add the salt as desired.

We prepare a bowl and put the water on the chicken until it is completely submerged and leave it on medium heat for 40 minutes, after the end of the period we remove the chicken pieces from the broth and arrange it in a tray and brush it with vegetable oil and fry it from the top side of the chicken and then turn the pieces to the other side to roast well.

Then we prepare a bowl to cook the rice and put seven cups of broth and then add the soaked rice and filter and wash it well, and leave it on high heat until it boils, and after boiling we reduce the heat to medium and leave it for fifteen minutes until it is cooked.

We bring the piece of charcoal, assemble it and put it in the steel plate between the chicken pieces and cover the bowl for ten minutes to take the flavor of the barbecue. Pour the rice into the serving dish, put the chicken pieces into the rice, and decorate the dish with nuts after frying them on the rice and chicken, and serve it next to the milk and salad Mandi Mandi.

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