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What are the secrets for choosing and cooking original rice ?

Rice is one of the oldest types of grains used that were planted 5,000 years ago and is a staple food for half of the world’s population. There are many types of rice that vary in size, color, flavor, and taste. Rice is classified in terms of the shape of the grain and the way it is handled. White rice is more consumed in the Arab world. And the delicious and necessary rice dishes in our daily meals take a variety of dishes, including tomato rice and various stews, according to the customs of each country.

It is known that rice has a variety of methods for cooking it and varies from country to country in how it cooks, as rice cookers vary, such as Thai rice, upside down, rice noodles, kubba, rice, kebbeh, mandi, stuffed, steamed rice, and we will talk in this article about important secrets in choosing Rice and rice cooking.

When choosing rice, you should know the specifications of a good rice when buying the length of the grain and the longer the grain and free from zigzag the better its type.

Safety of a grain of rice: It must be free from fractions and you should pay attention to it.

Rice grain, color, and grace: It should be bright white in color that tends to be transparent.

Smell: It is preferable to be odorless as this smell is produced as a result of storing it in improper and long ways.

Cleanliness: The grains of rice are not suitable for gravel, soil, and damaged grains, and the absence of insects such as mites and worms.

After knowing the specifications of good rice when buying, you must know the secrets and how to cook them:

  • You should pay attention to the water reaching a boiling point before adding the rice, then leave it to drink the water. After that, we reduce the fire under the rice and leave it on a very quiet fire until it is cooked and the water drinks quietly and slowly.
  • We may face the problem of sticking the rice grains together when we cook the Kabsa dish, as it is preferable to add one or two tablespoons of cooking oil after the rice dries up and before ripening.
  • The amount of water should be suitable for preparing delicious, ripe, non-sticky rice, as the upper water level should be (4 centimeters half a finger) from the surface of the rice, and the rice is soaked with water immersed, as some women measure the amount of water appropriate for rice by planting a tablespoon of food in The middle of the pot after adding the rice, and if the spoon fell, that means that the water is more than necessary, and if it remains and does not fall, the amount of water is suitable with the rice.

By following these secrets in your cooking of rice, according to the different type of cooking, you will get a delicious dish and do not forget that you should choose the product with good specifications, so rice, O Mal Al Sham, will make your food taste delicious and smell delicious. Where we advise women to choose the products of Ya Mal Al-Sham company, which has proven its quality and the quality of its products in the market and everyone’s use of them and their consumption of their products Ya Mal Al-Sham products for all the family.