Apricot jam

It is one of the most popular summer fruits that many people prefer.
It is one of the nutritional products made from the fruits of apricot and has several health benefits. It is also one of the foods that go into sweets and is served with dishes and it has a delicious taste that most people prefer and put it at breakfast.

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How to prepare apricot jam where the fresh apricot is washed and a kernel removed from it, then put the apricot with lemon juice and water in a bowl over low heat and leave until boiling with moving every ten minutes, then add sugar after boiling the jam and leave it on the fire for forty-five minutes by continuing to stir, Then remove it from the fire and leave it until it is completely cooled. Finally, the jam is emptied into two glass jars, tightly closed and kept in a medium temperature place.

Benefits of apricot jam
It helps in pregnancy and is recommended by doctors and nutritionists because it contains ample amounts of important vitamin A during pregnancy and childbirth.
It strengthens the body’s immunity from viruses and parasites and protects the stomach from diseases, helps to strengthen eyes and eyes and also contributes to high blood pressure, maintains the level of cholesterol and protects against infection from many diseases.