Falafel is made from legumes such as chickpeas or beans, and it is prepared in the Levant from chickpea grains and manufactured with special machines. Falafel contains vegetable proteins, and a good percentage of antioxidants because it contains garlic, parsley and coriander, and contains fats that come as a result of frying the falafel with oil. Where most families use it and is one of the main meals for breakfast.

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Most of us like to eat falafel for its delicious taste, moderate price, and it is considered one of the best foods that can be included in your diet, as it has many health benefits. In the following article, we present to you the most important benefits of falafel.

1- Rich in protein
The basis of falafel is a legume, as it comes from chickpeas, and as a result it is considered a rich source of protein.

Falafel contains high levels of protein and minerals, but in turn it is low in fat.

This has many health benefits, as protein is used in the body to:

Repair and build tissues
Manufacture of enzymes and hormones
Build bones and muscles.
It is important to eat protein from its various sources, because the body is not able to store it.

2- It contains healthy fats
As we mentioned, the level of fats is low in falafel, but it contains a good amount of healthy fats.