FIG jam

The benefits of fig jam
Fig jam has many of the benefits of almost the same fresh figs, but not completely, given that among the method of preparing jam is to boil the mixture for long periods over a fire, which may have a altering effect on some of the dietary combinations of figs.
Also, there are other compounds in the fig fruit that are not affected by the heat and maintain their nutritional value, and for this we can generally consider that fig jam has many benefits, but of course it is not the same as the whole fig fruit.
All jam generally participate in pushing a person to feel hungry, increase the appetite, and contribute to the digestion of food if it is eaten after eating.
Jam is one of the foods that have a high nutritional value, so it is recommended for athletes, pregnant women, and people with anemia and thinness.


Fig jam and its benefits, figs are one of the delicious fruits that everyone loves, everyone loves to eat fig jam with toast as a delicious breakfast, but some may overlook the many benefits of fig jam, which promotes the health of the body, and contributes to giving the body enormous energy,

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