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Beans are considered a popular folk food in Egypt, which provides the body with many health benefits. It is also considered an appropriate meal for low extra weight. In this report, we learn about the health benefits of beans.

Dr. Jihan El-Demerdash, a dietician and obesity and thinness, told “Day Seven” that beans are legumes rich in protein and do not contain any saturated fats, as it contains vitamins B, Vitamin K and Vitamin A, adding that it also contains growth hormone which activates Muscles after doing exercises or any other stressful work.

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1- Beans are rich in proteins, vitamins, essential minerals, folic acid and phosphorous, so it provides the body with all the required nutrients.

2- It helps to give the body energy and vitality throughout the day, if eaten at breakfast.

3- Beans increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood, so it benefits the heart and reduces the risk of heart attacks.

4- Beans treat constipation because they are rich in natural fibers.

5- Resists the stress and stress that affects the body because it contains protein and some vitamins.