Hummus – with tahini 900 g

Hummus is one of the foods that contain more nutrients for the body, as it contains vitamins, various acids, iron, zinc and other minerals, as well as tahini from foods that contain many important nutrients, so we will explain to you the benefits of chickpeas with tahini for the health of the body.

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Benefits of chickpeas with tahini:
1- Chickpeas and tahini contain dietary fiber and nutrients that help maintain a person’s weight.

2- Chickpeas helps reduce the risk of some types of cancer such as rectal cancer and prostate cancer, because it works to fight toxins that result from the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the body and it contains some protective compounds for the body from cancer.

3- Tahina is originally made from sesame seeds, which contains an amount of important minerals that build bones such as selenium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, and magnesium, and also chickpeas contain nutrients that promote bone health and also contain many minerals such as zinc, vitamin K and manganese. And magnesium and other minerals that form bones and protect them from exposure to osteoporosis.

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