It is a type of flowering plant that includes from 40 to 100 cultivars. It is distinguished by the length of its stems and cultivated for its leaves, which are used in food and cooking, and it is one of the delicious foods used by many countries. It is considered one of the dishes specializing in most Arab countries, including Egypt, Sudan, the Levant, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

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Mallow’s benefits are many and important, including its ability to promote cardiovascular health, fight infections, boost the immune system, and much more! Let us learn about the full benefits from here.

Mallowah is a plant of Egyptian origin that is counted from the group of green leafy plants, and Mallowia contains in its components more than 30 species and compound important for promoting the health of the body, what are the benefits of Mallowia? Here are the details.

The most important benefits of molokhia

Here are the most important health benefits of mallow:

1- Control pressure Blood 

the high potency content of potassium in the mallow makes it very important to control blood pressure in the body and promote heart health. Potassium helps the blood vessels relax and widen, thereby increasing blood and oxygen flow in them.

2- Promote Heart Health

The high potency content of potassium as mentioned above helps to regulate blood pressure levels This would also enhance heart health. But in addition, the high content of dietary fiber contained in molokhia enhances its benefits. Dietary fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body “LDL” and increase HDL cholesterol levels.