noodles 900 g

Vermicelli is a famous and well-known foodstuff in many countries, which are short, solid, yellow, and thin sticks made from unfermented wheat flour, and some types of vermicelli are made from brown flour, some of which are made from solid wheat semolina, and vermicelli is used as an auxiliary dish in many It is dishes such as rice or soups, or it is the main dish, as in Noodles soup or sweets consisting of Noodles only.


Vermicelli is a rich source of carbohydrates that the body needs to give it energy.
Vermicelli has a high percentage of carbohydrates, which give heat to the body and help warm it, especially in the winter season.
Vermicelli soup is useful in relieving colds and colds, as it provides the desired warmth.
Vermicelli has a high content of soluble nutritional fiber, which makes it the ideal food for people with hunger and for close periods, as it gives a feeling of fullness and satiety for long periods because its digestion in the stomach is slow.
It helps people with diabetes, especially those made from brown wheat or hard wheat semolina.
Aids in muscle growth and maintenance of health.
It contributes to building cells and repairing tissue damage, protecting them from damage and protecting them from damage.
Noodles contain a high percentage of folic acid, which is necessary for the health of the body and its strengthening to perform its vital functions.
Noodles contain a good percentage of unsaturated fats beneficial for cardiovascular health. They also protect against Alzheimer’s disease and are necessary for the cells responsible for memory.
Contains a good percentage of iron, which is useful in strengthening blood and treating anemia.
Controls bad cholesterol levels and thus reduces the risk of blood clotting in the blood vessels, or atherosclerosis.