Red lentil 900 g

Red lentils possess many nutrients such as phosphorous and magnesium, which have great benefits for the body, find them here.

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Small red lentils often come to our main dishes especially in soups. Are there any desired benefits of red lentils? How can it be included in our daily dishes?

Red lentils are a kind of small round beans with a light pink color, and is distinguished from other legumes because it needs less time during the cooking process because of its porous surface.

Benefits of red lentils

Here are the most important nutrients found in red lentils, and their various benefits for the body:

1. Fighting heart disease

One cup of cooked red lentils contains 230 calories. Some people may see that this amount is rather high, but the amount that the body acquires does not exceed 11.5 grams.

And those unsaturated fats help to fight cardiovascular disease.

2. Protection against diabetes

What distinguishes red lentils is that they contain carbohydrates that need more time to digest, in addition to the fibers that contribute to feeling full for more than two hours after eating a meal.