It is called tahini or sweet and sweet and raw desserts of sweets and popular foods in the Arab countries and other countries. Mainly made from tahini, sugar, and sweetness. Halawa is one of the products most consumed by individuals.


The benefits of tahinia for your health
Tahina is almost available in every home, as it is considered one of the most important nutrients necessary in every kitchen, and the main ingredient in its preparation is ground roasted sesame.

Sesame is a very rich source of monounsaturated oils and is one of the most beneficial oils. Learn the benefits of sesame oil!

Sesame seeds consist of about 50-60% of the oil, which is called serge oil and is considered one of the most expensive types of vegetable oils. At 585 calories.

We, the nutritionists, are always advised to eat everything natural and prepared in a healthy way to ensure that the nutritional benefit is obtained more.