Vegetable oil 5 liters

It is the oil extracted from natural plant origin, such as sesame oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and other oils that are used in most foods.

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Vegetable oils are made from plants that contain unsaturated and semi-saturated fatty acids. During the manufacturing and refining process, three methods are used to extract vegetable oils from their seeds.
The first method: This method is carried out by traditional methods that depend on pressure or a simplified mechanical era that is called the refrigerated pressure method, after the heat is not used in the manufacturing process and if it is used in small quantities as a result of the pressure used and the temperature remains low and appropriate for vitamins and then the filtering process is done by sieves to remove Precipitated impurities, thus preserving the oil’s nutritional value and taste. ,
The second way in which spiral centrifugal pressure is used that arises with a force pressure of several hundreds of atmospheric pressure and the temperature rises to 160 – 250 degrees Celsius as this heat eliminates the vitamins in the oil where the oil becomes darker and has a strong smell, to get rid of color and odor Manufacturers refine oil and use synthetic odors.
The third method and this method is done by dissolving, where the raw material containing the oil is collected and treated with steam it is placed in a boiler to be heated and added to the solvent materials such as derivatives of drops and hexane and rid them of the solvent materials and then washed with caustic soda to complete the bleaching process and filter where the nutrients and natural colored materials are removed from Oil and deodorization by treatment.

Benefits of vegetable oils
Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil help replenish cells because they contain vitamins that strengthen the eyes and the liver, develop them, improve the health of the immune system and digestive system, and protect body tissue. It also contributes to improving blood sugar levels, replaces carbohydrates and saturated fats with unsaturated fatty acids, controls insulin secretion and reduces inflammation. As for heart diseases, it reduces the risk of developing them, as it works by increasing the level of sugar in the blood and increasing blood pressure. It benefits skin and hair, as it is used in cosmetics and shampoo.