Know with us how to prepare a shish barak dish
A dish of shish barak, shibrak or shayb’s ears is considered a popular dish since ancient times, where they say that its origins date back to the time of the Ottoman Turks and in the Levant and northern Saudi Arabia and the Hejaz.

How to prepare a shish barak dish

First make shish dough puddles

⦁ Three cups of sifted flour.
two teaspoons of salt.
⦁ cup and a quarter of water.

How to prepare
We prepare the dough and put the flour in a deep bowl, add the salt to it and stir it a little, and make a hole in the middle of the flour and add the water gradually and start kneading it quietly and continue the kneading process so that we have a little coherent dough and we make a ball of the dough and brush his face with a little vegetable oil and put it in the bowl and cover its face with a bag Nylon so as not to dry. We leave the dough for about an hour.
Making shish pools

  • Filling components
    Half a kilo of minced meat
    ⦁ one onion, cut into small cubes
  • ⦁ teaspoon ground cinnamon.
    teaspoon mixed spices
    two tablespoons of pine nuts.
    ⦁ sauce ingredients
    ⦁ kilo of curd.
    ⦁ tablespoon of starch.
    ⦁ pinch salt as desired.
    How to prepare
    First, put the chopped onions in a bowl over low heat and stir until tender.
    And then we add salt, stir and cover over the meat until it is soft, we sprinkle the flour before starting to lighten the dough and start spreading the dough on the kitchen table and clean it as a large circular disk, then cut the dough into small circles with a cup of coffee.
    We take each piece of dough circles that we attended, and put a teaspoon of the filling of meat in the middle of the circle.
    Close the dough in a semicircle with the tips of the fingers well, so that the filling does not come out.
    We twist each end of the semicircle and glue it together well with the fingertips, until we have a small cap shape.
    And we follow the process on the rest of the beads of shish pools and we put the milk in a bowl on the fire and add the rest of the salt and starch to it and boil it on the fire and stir continuously and the milk should not be left without stirring in order not to spoil.
    Finally, we gently drop the shish barak into the milk, and boil it with the milk for ten minutes. After the end of the period, we pour the shish barak dish with health.

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